Decontamination Center

Firefighters are exposed to dangerous and toxic substances, not only during interventions, but also every time they put on contaminated PPE. CODEX Technologies and Electrolux have developed a special LCO2 treatment to decontaminate firefighting intervention suites according to EN 469. Our partner company, CODEX Technologies, has successfully implemented this technology and complemented their services with the latest developments and know-how from leading world experts on the decontamination of various PPE. CODEX Technologies offers one of the most complete services for decontamination, disinfection and cleaning of complete firefighting PPE in the EU or even worldwide (helmets, hoods, underwear, intervention suites, gloves, boots and complete breathing apparatuses). Their mission is the continual development of their services and improvement of firefighters’ health and safety and improvement of efficiency of the firefighting PPE.

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The importance of being prepared for the recovery of disabled aircraft

Aviation remains one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The number of passengers has increased significantly over the past few years and, based on International Air Transport Association forecasts, it will double by 2037. Growth in the air cargo market is slower yet still steady; undoubtedly both will contribute to the expansion of airports and bring a significant number of challenges and opportunities to all airport employees.

Airport firefighters are no exception in this regard. Technical progress, increasingly diverse infrastructure, and various types of aircraft and vehicles on the apron all require qualified, motivated and accountable staff who can maintain high operating standards, deliver top-class services, and address the rapid changes which characterize today’s aviation industry.

From predicting and planning to building resilience

The bigger and busier the airport, the more difficult it is to identify all the risks and to predict the development of crisis situations which may occur. Airport firefighters around the globe need to be trained and prepared for all types of scenario, from fires in terminal buildings and aircraft to incidents connected to hazardous materials and explosives.  Read more.

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