Fraport AG, as an operator of one of the most important hubs in Europe, has extensive experience in the field of airport management. More than USD 200 million has been invested at Frankfurt Airport in the last 40 years, and over the last ten years, this average has risen to over USD 400 million. All these investments have been planned, controlled and financed by the airport company, and the programmes have included passenger and cargo terminals as well as airport access, car parking and commercial facilities. Fraport operates ten other airports around the world besides Frankfurt Airport, and applies this considerable airport know-how to support and develop its subsidiaries, investments and joint ventures all over the world. Fraport’s experts work together with local teams to plan and operate long-term infrastructure projects, offering tailored solutions which take into account the specific challenges that our clients are facing in airport management. These include the preparation of operational and commercial optimization concepts, the development of infrastructure, and the design of master plans.

As one of the world’s leading airport management groups, Fraport depends on highly skilled staff at its airports around the globe, for maintaining high operating standards, delivering top customer-focused services, and for addressing the rapid changes that characterize today’s aviation industry. Not only is Fraport very determined and successful in training its own staff and its subsidiaries, it also passes on its versatile knowledge to external third parties all around the world. Among other airport related training, Fraport has a very strong knowledge in the fields of firefighting and crisis management, which are very needed training these days.