Anže Kovačič

Fire Service Instructor

Anže Kovačič has more than ten years of experience in firefighting. He started his career as a member of the voluntary firefighting service, and he remains a proud member of his local brigade. In 2007 he became part of Fraport Slovenija (the former Aerodrom Ljubljana), where he currently works as a Technical Service Coordinator. He holds various different licences, including the CAA licence for Ground Handling Instructor and the Train the Trainer certificate. He is a member of the Disabled Aircraft Recovery Team and a de-icing specialist. His passion for working with people nicely complements his professional knowledge, which is reflected in his interesting training courses.
BORIS OMEJC 2 – kopija

Boris Omejc

Fire Service Instructor

Boris Omejc is one of the most experienced firefighters, with more than 17 years of experience in the field of ARFF.  His professional knowledge has been proven with different licenses, among them Airport Staff Certificate for Airport Firefighter and Rescue, issued by the state. He has participated in specialized English Language Course for Deicing Operators and Airport Fire Service. 

Dejan Gantar

Fire Service Instructor

Dejan Gantar has extensive experience in the field of firefighting.  His professional knowledge has been proven with different licenses, among them Airport Staff Certificate for Airport Firefighter and Rescuer, issued by the state.

Gorazd Zupančič

Fire Service Instructor

Gorazd Zupančič has several years of experience in firefighting. He was the ARFF Commander at Ljubljana Airport and combines practical experience with organizational and leadership skills. He holds various different licenses, among them the Airport Staff Certificate for Firefighter and Rescuer issued by the Republic of Slovenia. He has attended special courses on leadership which make his workshops and seminars especially interesting.

Samo Primc

Fire Prevention Coordinator

Samo Primc has more than 21 years of experience in firefighting, and now specializes in fire prevention. Among other licenses, he holds the Airport Staff Certificate – Firefighting Coordinator. Samo’s skills as an instructor are well known, as are his kindness and practical approach to training.

Stephan Syring

Senior Fire Service Instructor

Stephan Syring is professional and highly experienced international fire instructor with broad knowledge on different aspects of firefighting. He always educates with a mission to produce quality fire and rescue training. His long term intercontinental experience enables him to adapt to different traditions and customs of international clients. Among numerous qualifications, Stephan is certified Fire Company Officer, Instructor I and II, Vehicle Rescue Instructor and Technical Rescue Instructor. Since he is creative, diplomatic and sincere, he can build confidence in trainees from around the globe. Stephan also has planning, organizational and goal oriented skills that enable him to train with the purpose and build professional competency among his trainees.