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Increasing preparedness and improving cooperation through the traditional Broken Wing Exercise
On Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, a traditional three-day crisis response exercise called Broken Wing 2021 took place at the Aviation Academy’s training field at Ljubljana Airport. The exercise was organized by the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Board of the Ministry of Defence, in coordination with the National Forensic Laboratory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Fraport Slovenija.
Teaming Up to Prepare Firefighters for a Fluorine-Free Future
Fraport Aviation Academy announces a new partnership with Dr. Sthamer, one of the leading researchers, developers and producers of foam fire extinguishing compounds, as it prepares for stricter European legislative requirements, develops safer aviation foam training, and tries to decrease the overall impact of fire intervention on the environment and health of firefighters.
How tabletop can help you prepare for a crisis?
Tabletop methodology was first developed as a teaching strategy by the military. Its main purpose was to provide unit leaders with an overview of the course of the battle and the terrain where the battle was expected to take place. After several years this methodology found its way into civilian use and with time also into aviation. Today, tabletop is mostly used as an exercise method, although it is an all-rounder!
The first decontamination centre opens at Ljubljana Airport
In cooperation with Fraport Aviation Academy and Electrolux Professional, Decontex SI opened its first centre for the complete cleaning and decontamination of firefighting protection equipment at Ljubljana Airport. The latest technology of cleaning and decontamination with liquid CO2 puts the newly established centre at the top of its field. The two-day event was attended by approximately 80 guests from Slovenia and abroad, including senior representatives of firefighting organizations and development partners.
Broken Wing Exercise 2019
On Wednesday, 12th June 2019, a traditional three-day crisis response exercise called Broken Wing 2019 took place at the Aviation Academy’s training field at Ljubljana Airport. The main purpose of the exercise was to check the response and coordination of all the involved actors in the event of an aircraft accident involving both civilians and military personnel.
Fraport Opens Training Center at Ljubljana Airport
Fraport Aviation Academy’s advanced training facility serves external and internal clients – Training expands Fraport Slovenija’s business activities
We Are Hiring
The vision of our Aviation Academy is to be the leading skills academy in the worldwide aviation industry. You can help us to reach this vision by applying to our open job position of Instructor.
Firefighter Training on Helicopter Simulator
Unlike their professional colleagues, airport firefighters are often faced with airplanes, helicopters, armament systems and other hazardous materials, which can present additional dangers to their lives. This is exactly the reason why the management of such hazards stands at the heart of their training.
Broken Wing Exercise 2018
On Wednesday, 20th June 2018, a traditional emergency response exercise called Broken Wing 2018 took place at the military Air Base of Airport Ljubljana. Broken Wing 2018 was organized by the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Board of the Ministry of Defence, in cooperation with the General Police Directorate and Fraport Slovenija. The focus of this year’s exercise, which involved around 70 individuals, was on the detection and identification of hazardous materials. More than 130 people attended the exercise, including the Minister of Defence, Andreja Katič, and special guests from aircraft investigation authorities in Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.
Two of our employees honoured by a Civil Protection Recognition Award
On Thursday, 1 March 2018, a central ceremony for Civil Protection Day was held at Brdo pri Kranju, where Civil Protection Recognition Awards were given to individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the system of protection against natural and other disasters. Recognition awards were given to 358 individuals and organizations, including two of our own employees – ARFF Commander Milan Dubravac, and Boštjan Turk.
Search results 1-10 of 17