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Fraport Aviation Academy unveils partnerships in the field of education
Aerodrom Ljubljana has received the corporate mandate to operate the newly-established Fraport Aviation Academy. This new venture will offer, through its cooperation with Fraport’s Fire Training Center (FTC), the Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of University of Maribor, a wide range of courses on protection, rescue and intervention in emergency situations to the employees of Fraport Group and other interested individuals and companies from around the world.
Fraport Establishes Aviation Academy
Fraport AG, via its wholly-owned Aerodrom Ljubljana subsidiary, will establish the Fraport Aviation Academy at Slovenia’s Ljubljana Airport by the end of 2016. Aerodrom Ljubljana has received the corporate mandate for operating the new Academy to meet the increasing training and education requirements within the Fraport Group, as well as from external customers. As one of the world’s leading airport management groups, Fraport depends on highly skilled staff at its airports around the globe for maintaining high operating standards, delivering top customer-focused services, and for addressing the rapid changes that character today’s aviation industry.
Search results 1-2 of 2